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What I discovered on the Journey

When you are experiencing life’s disappointments, you don’t see them as learning and growing experiences. You think you’re way off course or you begin to question yourself and your abilities. At least that’s how I felt. Eventually, I began to appreciate my adventurous journey. On the journey I began to discover or should I say uncover my authentic self. The self that I sensed as a child. The self I knew was born to create. And the self that knew and knows that before I was born, I had a purpose.

Often we allow the bumps, turns and detours that are designed to grow and teach us, to literally deter us from what our deep inner self knows and is longing for. I think my journey has been an exciting awakening on my road to destiny. Why am I saying all of this? It deeply saddens me to see people get discouraged and distracted by things that are a part of the process. The process that builds character for where we are going and where we climactically were created to be. I have always known that in some form or fashion I was to create. You create with words, you create with thoughts, and you create with action. And just like the Creator, you create by speaking it into existence. So nothing you go through is by accident or coincidence; it has purpose and works out for your ultimate good. I’ve learned that my unique personality has a place to create. Whether someone else likes or approves of my creations or not, I continue to create because it is in me to do. I heard someone say of the artist Prince that he just wrote whatever he wanted and played whatever he created just because. Not because someone else liked it or approved of it. Prince would write songs that no one else liked but he sang them anyway. Why? Because it was in him to do. He created because of the love of creating. That is a beautiful place to be.

Gabin Entertainment was birthed out of my desire to house my creations. Gabin is the combination of my only daughter, ChINzia’s name and my own name, GABrielle. I wanted to leave a legacy for my daughter, who is also a creative person. Some place where it’s okay to imagine, dream and to be true to who you really are. To be a unique being with a specific purpose to fulfill. A place for creatives to create, pretty simple. I wanted to have a place to create skits, plays, books, screenplays, scripts and anything else God placed in my heart to do. But being a creative person doesn’t limit me to just writing. Creativity allows me the opportunity to create in many facets. Like inventions, designing, investing, speaking, entrepreneurship and the works. I’m glad I didn’t give up because one person thought I didn’t have talent. I’m glad I got up, brushed myself off and continued on the journey. Because along the journey character is built. You find out what you are made of. You find out things about yourself that you didn’t have a clue you possessed. Good, bad or indifferent, you discover the person you were ultimately destined to become, if you allow the process. That to me is exciting! It wasn’t too exciting then, but as I look back on so many of my life lessons; I can truly say definitively, that I appreciate the journey.

Gabin Entertainment is not just another entertainment or production company. My true desire is that if I can effect change through my work in someone or give someone an opportunity ordinarily they may not have had; I’ve done something in my time here. Something that inspired and helped someone else along my journey. I desire to give others opportunities to express their creative selves and maybe discover their purpose. We want to be change agents in the earth and if that comes through something I create, I am grateful and thankful to have made a difference.

Welcome to our story!

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