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Gabrielle Haywood, Founder and Creative Visionary Officer of Gabin Entertainment; has truly been a clandestine gem on the theater circuit since the debut of  the stage play “The Journey” in December 2000. Gabin Entertainment; is a fun combination of her daughter’s name, Chinzia and her own, Gabrielle. Gabin Entertainment was simply birthed as a place to house her creative works and to do what she believes God has given her to do.

Gabrielle, a native of Hartford, Connecticut has been writing since childhood. So to begin her creative journey, she studied theatre and writing at Emerson College in Boston. Somehow she always knew she was predestined to use her gifts in writing, so when Elder Ernest Kimble from the Fishers of Men Ministry at her local church encouraged her to write a play that would change lives, she did just that. She then cast a full production which she appropriately titled

“The Journey”.


Gabin Entertainment has blossomed over the years to include many facets. The stage plays: “The Journey”, “A Box of Crayons”, “You’re Married?” and currently in the works, “The Tyrant’s Servant” are all creative projects that live under the roof of Gabin Entertainment. In addition to the stage plays, Gabrielle is also known for her One Woman Skits which includes the infamous, “Woman at The Well”. Yet, her focus remains the same, “to not only entertain but to encourage change.” Her heart is to write and produce quality thought provoking pieces. Today, she is humbly trying to do that.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us a little better.  We truly appreciate your visit. 

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