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Veronda Gale



Varonda Gale

Varonda  Gale Williams “Goodness”/”The Angel” Varonda “Gale” Williams is a gospel artist who resides in Powder Springs, Georgia, but is originally from Trinity, NC. Through the years she has been a lead vocalist of a praise team for 13 years. She us currently a member of Word of Faith Cathedral , Bishop Dale C. Bronner presiding. She is a member of the Word of Faith Sanctuary Chior. Throughout her career, she’s made appearances on TBN Praise the Lord program, Atlanta Live, Joyce Meyers Ministries, and World Changers Ministries, just to name a few. To see her is to know her. To hear her is to feel and understand that her “God sent talent” is now ready for the world.

Veronda Gale

Veronda Gale

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